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We're different 

Not all designers
are the same.

Incorporating a proven, methodical process assures the final designs will meet your objectives and captivate your target audience.

Beth Gully
BT Graphics

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Award-winning designer Beth Gully with 1st National Bank Logo

We Follow an Intentional Methodical Process

Brand identity should reflect the personality of your business.

A strong logo should be able to last 30+ years if designed to the business needs, not the trends of the time.

The four-step process:

1. ALIGN - Meet with clients to understand their: 

    •  industry
    •  niche in the industry
    •  personality of the owner 

2. DEFINE - Create a list of objectives. 

The initial discovery meeting assures understanding of the client's desires. A logo is extremely personal, so it is imperative that the design objectives set the foundation for the next steps.

3. DESIGN - Begin the concepting process. 

The sketching process gets all the ideas on paper. Incubation periods between sketching sessions allow for fresh ideas to continually rise to the surface. 

4. REFINE - Select the best designs. 

Once the top designs are proven to meet all the objective criteria, they are finalized in digital form and presented to the client.

Allow three weeks for completion of logo designs once the objectives
are set and confirmed. The final designs are print-ready upon approval. 

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Discovering the power of a logo.

Beth's corporate experience gives her insight for how to best approach design objectives for her business clients. Blending a critical mind for meeting the project goals of clients with the creative eye to offer refreshing solutions became Beth's advantage. Beth understands purpose and function absolutely come first. Then, making it captivating and creative follows suit. 

Beth will meet your deadlines. Whether it's a quick turn-around project, or a slower, delayed approval process, she works at your pace. She will explain everything along the way to assure the client is satisfied and comfortable throughout the process.