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"The Other Side of Christmas" Award-Winning Book
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One of 100 recognized ambigram artists worldwide, Beth Gully, (international author/illustrator) continues to captivate adults and children with the surprise element of her upside-down and backward designs. Magically watch the Santa story flip over to the Birth of Jesus story.

“What an innovative and creative concept, combining both the religious and secular celebrations of Christmas. This is a book you'll flip over -- literally.”
      – Dave Richardson, Owner - 451 Books. Contributor to Highlights Magazine. Workshop speaker for Highlights Foundation for children's authors and illustrators.

Published by BTG Publishing.

LIVE Formal Event Performance

Christmas Ambigram LIVE Performance

Dressed in an artist's costume, Beth creates a captivating performance to a prerecorded song written by Melinda Schamer. Touching and uplifting, this video clip brings 'AHA' responses from all ages in the audience. Beth is available for LIVE performance events for schools, churches, and company Christmas parties. Her schedule fills quickly throughout the Christmas season so many have opted for bookings throughout the entire year. 

Watch as the bunny rotates to the Ascension of Christ.

WCPO Interview on Easter Book

Beth reveals the secular and sacred stories of Easter, and how God's upside-down ways inspired her to create 'The Other Side of Easter'.

VIDEO - Watch as the bunny rotates to the Ascension of Christ.

WDTN interview, Dayton OH

Beth shares her new book, 'The Other Side of Easter'. Watch as the Easter Bunny turns over to the real meaning of Easter.

Watch as the Bunny Rotates to the Ascension of Christ.

WXIX interview

Beth shares her Easter book with the WXIX viewers.

All ages will enjoy the transformation as God turns everything upside down. 

Fox 19 Cincinnati OH - Dec 4 Morning Show

Fox 19 Morning Show

Channel Fox 19 Morning show Dec. 4th

The anchors share how mesmerized they were with the book all morning, as they awaited my arrival for the segment for my book, 'The Other Side of Christmas'.

2017 - Interview with Lebanon Arts Council about Logo and Ambigram Design

2017 - Process for Designing Logos

Beth shares the process of designing logos and how each one is uniquely different based on the 'hi tech/hi touch' scale and the other processes she has created to keep a logo design objective.

You will learn how her logo/graphic design career prepared her to become one of 100 an ambigram designers in the world. An ambigram is an image that can be viewed upside down or inverted to view the same thing or something different. The history of ambigram style of designing dates back to the days of Leonardo Di Vinci and earlier. And Beth's goal is to continue the art and teach children to think out of the box and try to see and create ambigrams so the art doesn't die with this generation. 

Watch this and learn how her Christmas book was inspired through thinking out of the box. 


Christmas Eve LIVE appearance on CBS morning show in Cincinnati.

Local 12 TV interview

Christmas Eve LIVE appearance on CBS morning show in Cincinnati.

Beth also shares an idea from her upcoming Easter Book.

Fox 45 Dayton News Show

Captivating News Appearance - Beth Gully

FOX 45 Dayton news anchor shares Beth Gully's LIVE drawing of Santa with Jesus (upside down) and two inside pages from her book "The Other Side of Christmas".
(3 minutes)

Living Dayton

Living Dayton TV Noon Program -  Shown: Beth Gully creating a Live drawing of image that inspired the book, 'The Other Side of Christmas'.


West Va TV 'on site' interview

West Virginia TV Interview

Thank you Roger Kissinger of WCHS, Charleston, WVa, for this great onsite TV interview at Taylor Bookstore. Many children attended the event in the first hour. Film crew arrived to capture the footage towards the end so I'm glad a few folks were still participating in the book reading.

Book Interview on 'The City Show'

Interview on Lebanon TV Channel 6

Interview with Emiko on Lebanon OH Channel 6.

Learn how Beth's first ambigram happened. 

55 Second Video of Children in Awe

Children Are Amazed!

Watch as these children discover the other side of Christmas performed LIVE at their school.

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