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"The Other Side of Christmas" Award-Winning Book
and other ambigram flip design gifts.

One of 100 recognized ambigram artists worldwide, Beth Gully, (international author/illustrator) continues to captivate adults and children with the surprise element of her upside-down and backward designs. Magically watch the Santa story flip over to the Birth of Jesus story.

“What an innovative and creative concept, combining both the religious and secular celebrations of Christmas. This is a book you'll flip over -- literally.”
      – Dave Richardson, Owner - 451 Books. Contributor to Highlights Magazine. Workshop speaker for Highlights Foundation for children's authors and illustrators.

Published by BTG Publishing.

Beth, in artist's costume of cloak and tam, presenting her LIVE drawing at an event.

On-Site Events

On-Site Events - 

LIVE Art Board Drawings on Easels

Beth will engage your audience for an awe-inspiring experience that all viewers will never forget. Dressed in an artist's cloak and cap she will draw Santa's face and the word 'Santa' on large boards on easels to flip over to Jesus' face and the word 'Jesus', respectively. At Easter, she will draw a bunny face and the word 'Easter' to flip over to the the Ascension of Christ and the word 'Risen'. 

Jaw-Dropping Powerful Performance. Great as a stand-alone presentation or as a keynote speaker to share her book on powerpoint© and her testimony of learning to accept God's purpose on her life. 

Click Here for video of performance

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