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"The Other Side of Christmas" Award-Winning Book
and other ambigram flip design gifts.

One of 100 recognized ambigram artists worldwide, Beth Gully, (international author/illustrator) continues to captivate adults and children with the surprise element of her upside-down and backward designs. Magically watch the Santa story flip over to the Birth of Jesus story.

“What an innovative and creative concept, combining both the religious and secular celebrations of Christmas. This is a book you'll flip over -- literally.”
      – Dave Richardson, Children’s book buyer for Blue Marble Books, and
        Contributor for Highlights Magazine.

Published by BTG Publishing.

'The Other Side of Christmas' Children's Book

ISBN 9780990726708

'The Other Side of Christmas'
Children's Upside-Down Book
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Blending the Santa story with the Jesus story, this book will be a favorite for years to come for the young and the young at heart. Share it this season with those you love. 

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ISBN 9780990726715

'El otro lado de la Navidad'
Un libro hacia arriba y hacia abajo
~ Comprar

La primera historia cuenta las actividades de la Navidad. Al voltear el libro, la segunda historia cuenta el nacimiento del Nino Jesus.

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Sneak Peek - 3 pages of book

Blends the Santa story with the Jesus story in this captivating flip over book. Amaze friends, peers, and children with this video. Share it with others to spread the Christmas joy all year round. (60 seconds)

Santa/Jesus Acrylic Ornaments
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Santa flips over to become Jesus on this ambigram ornament.

1/4" thick acrylic ornament. 2" x 3.5" oval, Red ribbon attaches on sides for easy flipping over as it hangs on your Christmas tree.

Great stocking stuffer, teacher gift, or wrapping decoration. Enclose with your annual Christmas card to those you want to give an extra special greeting.

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Santa/Jesus Wallet Cards
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These Santa/Jesus ambigram wallet cards are a great gift.

Share with your friends as they watch the picture of Santa turn over to become Jesus. Even the word under the artwork changes too. Tuck them in your Christmas card or gift for those extra special folks on your list. 

Heavyweight frosted BLUE translucent plastic cards.
3.5 " x 2" 

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Amaze your friends with a unique card with a magical twist.

Christmas Narrated Video and Gifts
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Christmas Cards (Set of 8)

'Aha' card design of Santa's face reveals face of Jesus when lifted open.

Translucent card stock. 4.25" x 5.5"

8 per pack



Enjoy the blessings of the season as you discover the other side of Christmas.


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Award-winning Narrated Book Video DVD

Christmas Narrated Video
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Award-Winning Narrated Book Video DVD

Designed for large audiences, i.e.: school events, corporate events, and children's curriculum. Perfect for audiences of 25 to 5oo. The visual page turns and narration are captivating for every age.

DVD with video narration of the book. (soft music in the background) Includes 'AHA' Performance of the art Santa/Jesus art drawn in front of a LIVE audience.

Downloadable promotional template files on DVD: 
  •  Promotional Flyer template to add your event date and location
  •  Author biography

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Folder with DVD, Book, and extras

Christmas Narrated Video and Book Set
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Award-Winning Narrated Video DVD.

Perfect for every group leader, teacher and pastor!

Designed for large audiences, i.e.: school events, corporate events, and children's curriculum. Perfect for audiences of 25 to 5oo. The visual turning of the pages with the narration are captivating for every age.

This folder gift set includes a DVD, a book, "The Other Side of Christmas", and a bookmark. 

Downloadable files also included on DVD include a promotional flyer template for personalizing for your event, an author biography, and a LIVE event video of Beth DRAWING the Santa image that flips over to become Jesus. 

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