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Beth Gully continues to appear in the news for her unique ambigram designs. Recognized as one of 94 in the world professionally creating upside-down ambigram images, Beth is leading the way in the 21st century with holiday children's books that feature both the secular and the sacred stories. 

The Cincinnati Enquirer  - Featured Dec. 15, 2018

Ambigram Author Releases “The Other Side of Easter”

Beth Gully, an author and illustrator, is turning heads with her newly released book, The Other Side of Easter, an upside-down book that tells two stories in one.

This is her second upside-down children’s book which opens eyes and minds to discover this unique and awe-inspiring artform called an ambigram.

The Other Side of Christmas (Beth’s First Book), and The Other Side of Easter, blend the secular holiday stories with the sacred stories of Jesus, using ambigrams (am-bi-grams) which are upside-down images with two different messages.

Through images, children will watch the Easter book unfold to show the activities with the Easter Bunny. Then, the ending becomes the beginning when the second story tells the message of Jesus and His resurrection.

Beth’s ambigram of the Easter-Risen design won a Summit International Creative Silver Award in July 2018, in the category for Individual Craft and Technique in Graphics. The Summit Int’l Creative Awards honor the best in design, websites, video, advertising, mobile and social media from small and medium-sized advertising agencies. The judges look for strength of concept, quality of execution and the ability to communicate and persuade the targeted audience.  

“Keeping Jesus in Christmas and Easter is easy for children when the Jesus story is shown in a unique and memorable way,” says Beth. “I find that parents appreciate how these books blend both stories, helping children to enjoy both traditions at the holiday.”

Beth will be sharing her Christmas book at Mulberry Books on Dec 15 at 1pm, and Joseph Beth at Rookwood Commons on Dec 19, from 11-1pm. All attendees will receive a free Christmas ambigram bookmark.Over the past four years Beth’s Christmas book has garnered 10 awards and has been translated into Spanish.

A resident of Lebanon, Ohio, Beth became one of 94 internationally recognized ambigram designers when one of her ambigrams was featured in Nikita Prokhorov’s book, Ambigrams Revealed. His book showcases designers across the globe for their ambigram designs.

Beth’s books are available in Lebanon, OH at the Golden Lamb Gift Shop downstairs, at Picture This Framing and Gifts, Heritage House Gifts and Mulberry Books, and also available in Rookwood at Joseph Beth Booksellers, and other shops around Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus. For more information you can visit www.TheOtherSideofChristmas.com


Lebanon American Heritage Girls® Troop pictured with Christmas patches

Local author creates special program for American Heritage Girls

For more than 15 years, Beth Gully of Lebanon, a graphic designer and business owner, worked on her first illustrated children’s book, “The Other Side of Christmas.” The book came out in 2014 and used ambigrams, or flip designs, to tell both the religious and the “Santa” sides of Christmas. It got rave reviews.

“We originally printed 1,000 copies and went through all of those quickly,” Gully said. “We printed another 10,000 and we have sold 9,800.”

A successful first book and business, BT Graphics Inc., coupled with her talents for designing logos and marketing materials, have garnered Gully awards and the respect of other designers and authors nationwide. And in 2015, a national organization headquartered in Cincinnati, American Heritage Girls, contacted Gully to gauge her interest in collaborating on a project.

“We sat down and AHG wanted me to do a promotion with a blog and devotion for the girls,” Gully said. “They wanted me to use the Santa/Jesus image I use in my book.”

Jamie Wiggins, AHG’s national program specialist, approached Gully after her group learned about the author and her book at the organization’s 2015 convention.

“Our theme at the convention was ‘upside down,’” Wiggins said. “It seemed Beth’s book was a perfect fit for us.”

AHG, an organization that embraces Christian values and family involvement, has troops in 49 states and in Europe and began in West Chester Twp. in 1995. The 45,000-member, mostly volunteer run organization includes girls aged 5 to 18 years and their adult leaders.

“I heard about AHG but didn’t know a lot about them,” Gully said. “A friend told me about them and she is the one who connected us initially.”

Gully and Wiggins worked together to create an official AHG patch program featuring a patch Gully designed. Gully did a pilot program with an AHG troop of 51 girls in Lebanon. All girls read her book and discussed it. Afterwards the girls explored different ways of “thinking outside of the box” and creating ambigrams. The patch program was designed around the theme of “keeping Christ in Christmas.”

“We have both badge and patch programs,” Wiggins said. “The badges are more intensive and the patches, like Beth’s, are designed to be earned in one session.”

The program officially launched in mid-October and Gully estimated at that time that she would have to order no more than 100 patches.

“We have sold 1,270 patches to date,” Gully said. “People got on board immediately and it has gone really well so far.”

AHG leaders wanted Gully to design the patch so it could be rotated on the vest or sash on which it is sewn.

“We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make this happen,” Gully said. “We came up a solution in that each patch comes with a button and they can cut a hole in the patches and rotate them.”

Girls and leaders alike say they love the program and Gully’s book.

“Meeting Beth Gully was inspiring to every girl regardless of age, in our troop,” said Michelle Berry, the coordinator for local troop 1436. “Her visit encouraged girls to discover their own creativity and to believe that, with God’s help, they can accomplish what He wants them to do.”

Holly Brown, a fifth-grader in the troop, called the patch project a “great experience” and said it gave her a different way of looking at letters and shapes.

“At first, I thought it (creating ambigrams) would be easy, but now I realized it’s harder than it looks,” Brown said.

Gully has been working on her second book, “The Other Side of Easter,” and hopes to have it published later in 2018.

“About one in every 100 people or so that I meet get their feathers ruffled about my book because it shows Santa and Jesus together,” Gully said. “But I tell them this is an opportunity to share the image with somebody who only thinks about Santa at Christmas and to introduce Jesus into a family’s life.”

Wiggins said the patch program came together seamlessly with Gully’s help.

“We want our girls to be part of what is happening in the world, but not to be consumed by it,” Wiggins said. “Having tools like this book and program can be powerful and open doors for girls that have opportunities to share with others.”

For more information, log on to Americanheritagegirls.org or BTgraphics.com.


Beth Gully is shown above with her book, “The Other Side of Christmas”, displaying the new Seal of Approval on the book.          

‘The Catholic Writers Guild’ - Seal of Approval Honor

February 2017

‘The Catholic Writers Guild’ awarded their Seal of Approval to “The Other Side of Christmas - An Upside-Down Book”, authored by ambigram designer and local author, Beth Gully of Lebanon. Gully’s book was one of only 29 books in 2016 that received this honor.

“I was so excited when I learned my book received this recognition,” Gully said. “Catholic schools and bookstores are my niche, as they are the majority of my author visits during the Christmas season. The Seal of Approval gives credibility to my book which I hope will help to secure national and international author visits and speaking engagements.”

            Gully visited several catholic schools during 2015-16. Those schools include Mother Teresa, St. Susanna, St. Williams, St. Columban, St Thomas, St Francis de Sales,St Peter and Paul Academy, and she also performed for the Spanish community at the Posada at St. Susanna. Gully’s performances include a LIVE art drawing that flips over to astonish audiences. Then, after reading her book, Gully shares her journey with the students of how she faced her fears and turned them over to faith during the creation process of the book.

Gully’s book illustrates the traditional activities of Christmas one way, then upside down, the same images now tell the nativity story of the birth of Jesus.

With the recent addition of ‘The Catholic Writers Guild’ Seal of Approval, “The Other Side of Christmas” has now garnered 10 awards. This includes four international awards, two of which are were for the DVD, a narrated video of the book. “I’m amazed at how well the book has been received,” says Gully. “It’s important to me that children understand what Christmas is really about. I believe this book helps them bridge the gap between the Santa story and the Jesus story.”

She has a fascination for creating logos and infographics, and this love is what led Her to create ambigrams: images and words that can be turned upside down to create the same or a different image. Gully is one of 100 designers worldwide who professionally create ambigrams, and her recent honor spotlights that effort.

Gully’s television appearances with Channel 9, 19, and 12 as well as eight other stations in Charleston, WVa, Dayton, and Cinti, have also helped to generate awareness in the tristate of her books as they are currently available in 62 locations nationally and in Canada.

Since her book launched in September 2014, Gully has been a guest author, with more than 80 visits, in bookstores, schools, civic organizations and churches. She looks forward to the events already scheduled through 2017.

This Spring Gully will be the keynote speaker at the 8th annual Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Fundraising Luncheon at Central Connections in Middletown on April 8th. The event will be held from 10:30-2:00. For more information on this organization and to get tickets to this luncheon please visit www.mcfoundation.org. Click on Imagination Library. Or connect on facebook - Women Enriching Lives Imagination Library.

Books retail for $12.95 and are available in Cincinnati and Dayton unless marked otherwise, at The Catholic Shop, Our Lady’s Work Shop, St Mark’s Book Shop, Trinity Book Supply, Two Hearts Catholic Gift Shop, Veritas Catholic Store, Ave Maria Gift Shop (Florence), St. Peter’s Catholic Church (Chicago), and Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Books are also available at Amazon and also at www.BTGraphics.com.



2016 Paris Book Festival -

Honorable Mention - Children's Category


2016 New York Book Festival -

Honorable Mention - Children's Category


2016 Holiday Book Festival (Hollywood, CA) -

First Place Award - Wild Card Category

Silver Summit International Creative Awards.

Summit International Silver Award - 

July 2016

Narrated book video garnered another award.
This time from the International Summit Creative Awards Competition. 

Narrated by Amy Weis
Designed/Illustrated/Created by Beth Gully

Beth Gully shown with Jillora Summers, Chair of the Board and C.E.O. and Bob Harlow, President. Shown below are the before and after images of the new award-winning logo design for 1st National Bank in southwest Ohio.

July 2015

1st National Bank Wins International Summit Award for Logo

Lebanon, Ohio, June 23, 2015 - 1st National Bank won a Bronze Award for best logo redesign in the International 2014 Summit Creative Awards. Beth Gully of the design firm, BT Graphics, submitted the design for the rebranding category of the competition. The logo Gully created replaces the bank's logo that was created many years ago.

"The Board and management team of 1st National Bank agreed it was time to restate and reinforce our more than 160-year commitment to the people, businesses and community we serve," said Bob Harlow, president of 1st National Bank. "We feel our new logo is helping us accomplish this, and we appreciate Beth's work."

The Summit International Awards competition hosts a Summit Creative Awards competition each year to spotlight trendsetters in the graphic design industry. Gully's work was chosen from more than 5,000 entries.

1st National Bank is a community bank serving Southwestern Ohio, offering competitive banking services to fulfill the needs of the community in a friendly, courteous fashion and provide the most convenient banking tools available. Visit www.bankwith1st.com for more information.


BT Graphics is a design firm specializing in the creation of corporate logos and branding and all relevant marketing platforms to carry the brand consistently to the client’s audiences. They have won numerous awards for their branding efforts to reflect the essence of the company’s personality. Founder Beth Gully began BT Graphics in 1990 and over the past 25 years has garnered the respect of fellow designers and clients. BT Graphics is certified by the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a woman-owned business. For more information, contact: Beth Gully, 513.282.2652, design@btgraphics.com.


Emerging Media Award --- Innovator Award for book "The Other Side of Christmas".

Emerging Media Award for "The Other Side of Christmas", An Upside-Down Book
Awarded January 5, 2016 

         Author Beth Gully has won the Innovator Award from the Emerging Media Awards Summit International Competition for her narrated book video, "The Other Side of Christmas." This is her fifth award for her upside-down book.

         "I created the video to allow viewers to experience the book on a larger scale. I love visiting churches, children's events, and schools, but I cannot always be there. Now that the book is gaining national momentum, this video will help me reach outside of my regional area and touch lives coast to coast," Gully said. Included on the DVD is a LIVE stage performance of Gully creating two oversize ambigram images. These are the images that inspired the book, "The Other Side of Christmas".

         "Recognition by the SIA organization is a great honor," said Jocelyn Luciano, Executive Director of the Summit International Awards. "It provides validation of your work and functions as a respected industry-wide critique. Those involved in today's emerging media technologies are the leaders who are establishing tomorrow's avenues of advertising communications."

         The Summit Emerging Media Awards 2015 competition included over 1,300 entries from numerous countries. Only 7% of the entries earned recognition. Judges are creative professionals from all over the world.

         The Summit Emerging Media Award (Summit EMA) evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and artists who push the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of emerging media. The three levels of recognition are Visionary, Innovator and Leader. 

         ‘The Other Side of Christmas’ book is available both online and in 61 independent book stores and gift shops from California to Canada. Store locations are included at http://www.btgraphics.com/about-us/where-to-find-books-6/ The narrated version of the book video is currently only available online. For more information or to purchase a book, video or other ambigram items, visit www.TheOtherSideofChristmas.com


Beth Gully is shown with her book "The Other Side of Christmas".

June 23, 2015

Gold International Award for Upside-Down Christmas Book 

Lebanon, Ohio- Beth Gully, a Lebanon ambigram artist and owner of the design firm, BT Graphics, won a Gold 2015 Summit Creative Award for her book, "The Other Side of Christmas”,  an upside-down book.  The book tells the Christmas story with Santa Claus when the book is read in one direction. Then, when the book is flipped upside down, the same images tell the Christian Christmas story.

The Summit International Awards competition hosts a Summit Creative Awards competition each year to spotlight creative excellence in the graphic arts industry. Gully's work was chosen from more than 5,000 submissions from 23 countries. 

"I am so flattered that judges who are industry leaders in graphic design, art and marketing see the creative value of a children's book," said Gully. "I think the “aha” moment that readers experience is universal, regardless of age."

The book is available in area libraries and for sale in gift shops and 28 bookstores, from Memphis to Columbus, including Joseph Beth Booksellers, The Golden Lamb, and Sharon’s Hallmark in West Chester. "The Other Side of Christmas” along with other ambigram products Beth designed are also available online at www.btgraphics.com. Gully is one of only 100 published ambigram artists in the world.

BT Graphics is a design firm specializing in the creation of corporate logos and branding and all relevant marketing platforms to carry the brand consistently to the client’s audiences. Founder Beth Gully began BT Graphics in 1990 and over the past 25 years has garnered the respect of fellow designers and clients. BT Graphics is certified by the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a woman-owned business. For more information, contact: Beth Gully,  513.282.2652, design@btgraphics.com.

The Gold ADDY Award shown with the winning book in the background.

March 5, 2015
Press Release

BT Graphics Wins Gold ADDY Award

For Beth Gully of BT Graphics, a local author and graphic designer, the recognition just keeps on coming.

This week her latest release "The Other Side of Christmas" won recognition from her peers at the Cincinnati affiliate of the American Advertising Federation’s ADDY Awards, taking one of the top spots, “The Golden ADDY”. The awards celebration was held at Memorial Hall on February 27 at a full venue of more than 300 attendees. The ADDY Awards is the world's largest advertising competition with over 5,000,000 entries annually.

The ADDY Awards is unique among other advertising creative competitions in that it is the only competition that includes three levels of judging: local, regional, and national. Winning an ADDY at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level.

Gully’s book, written in a children’ narrative and illustrated with “ambigram art”, challenges the reader to view the contemporary holiday celebrations from another perspective, revealing the story of the birth of Jesus through the upside down images. An ambigram is a word or art form that can be flipped upside down or backwards to create an AHA! moment. These images continue to captivate readers both young and young at heart.

In addition to the ADDY award, Gully received two awards for her book in the past five months. Greyden Press Book Competition of Dayton last October awarded winners in four categories and "The Other Side of Christmas" took 2nd Place in the Children’s Category. The book also won a Bronze Medal with the Illumination Awards in January, which recognizes books that carry an inspirational or Christian focus.

In 2009 the design that inspired the idea for the book, the Santa-Jesus ambigram design, won a Gold Summit International Creative Award. Author Beth Gully explains that even after Christmas, book sales remain steady. “A mother just called to order two books, saying she wanted to include them in her children’s Easter Day celebration.” “It’s more than a Christmas story . . . it continues year ‘round,” says Beth Gully. "The Other Side of Christmas" is available both online and in 24 specialty shops from Memphis, TN to Columbus, OH.

For more information or to purchase a book and other ambigram items visit www.animotionlogos.com or contact Gully at design@animotionlogos.com

Lebanon Graphic Designer Wins National Illumination Book Award

Labor of Love took Eight Years to Finish and Sells 3,600 Copies in Three Months

   It took Beth Gully eight years to finish her illustrated children’s book called The Other Side of Christmas, but it’s only taken three months to sell 3,600 copies.

   Now Gully of Lebanon, a graphic designer and owner of BT Graphics, is the winner of a national bronze award in the second annual Illumination Book Awards for her ambigram-illustrated children’s book.

   Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year’s best titles written and published with a Christian worldview, according to the Traverse City-based organization.

   Gully’s book was one of only three self-published books in 18 categories to receive an Illumination award. Her winning entry was in the holiday category. It is for sale in 24 stores nationally.

   “Beth Gully has a wonderful combination of artistry and love of Christ and is a hugely creative and a soulful talent,” said awards director Jim Barnes. “These awards are dedicated to that spirit, and to books that help answer the simple question, ‘what would Jesus do?’”

   The Jenkins Group, Inc. owns Illumination Book Awards and runs six competition awards annually. It donates a portion of the entry fees to a worthy charitable organization. This year the beneficiary is Habitat for Humanity.

   Over the 2014 Christmas season, Gully visited 35 local churches, schools and civic organizations to read her book and show audiences how she creates ambigrams.

   She is one of about 100 people worldwide who create ambigrams—images and words that retain meaning or illustrate another meaning when inverted.

   "People from all over the tri-state area have called us to inquire about the book,” said Sue DeLong, owner of Chapters Pre-loved Books in Lebanon. “We have been inundated with phone calls and visitors looking for a copy. And with good reason: this is a book to be celebrated throughout the year."

   The Other Side of Christmas is a 28-page, illustrated children’s book that tells the story of contemporary Christmas activities. When the book is turned upside down and read from the back cover to front, the narrative and images tell the chronological birth story of Jesus Christ.

   The book has also garnered a second place award in the Greyden Press 2014 Book Competition, children’s division.

   For more information about the Illumination Book Awards, go to www.illuminationawards.com or contact Jim Barnes at jimb@bookpublishing.com.

   The $12.95 book and Gully’s other ambigram designs, which include worry/prayer keychains, book marks and wallet cards continue to be on sale locally at the Golden Lamb Gift Shop in Lebanon and Chapters Pre-Loved Books in Lebanon. Copies are also available online at www.animotionlogos.com.

Top Image: From her sketch on a paper napkin, Gully created the cover for her debut book, “The Other Side of Christmas,” which, when read right-side-up is the story of Santa and when flipped upside-down is the story of the birth of Jesus. Bottom Image: Her first ambigram, “happy holiday” was created “by accident,” Gully said. The finished image reads the same right-side-up and upside-down.

Charleston Gazette 

"The Other Side of Christmas" is two books in one

Charleston, W.Va. - Tuesday, July 28, 2015 
by Marta Tankersley Hays - Staff writer

Anyone who’s gone to middle school might remember notes passing back and forth during class and the horror of one being discovered, then read aloud. Graphic designer Beth Hoge Gully, 55, a George Washington High School graduate, is no exception, but she had a unique way of protecting her privacy way back then — writing backwards. “My friends would have to hold it up to a mirror to read it,” she said.

That unique talent, plus a fine arts degree from the University of Kentucky and 25 years of experience owning and operating BT Graphics in Lebanon, Ohio, has lead her down an unexpected path. Last fall, Gully authored and illustrated a children’s book, “The Other Side of Christmas,” which will be presented at Taylor Books, 226 Capitol Street Saturday at 1 p.m.

“The book tells the contemporary Christmas story with Santa Claus in one direction, from front to back. Then, at the end, the book is flipped upside-down for an ‘aha’ moment, as the same images tell the chronological Christmas story of the birth of Jesus,” Gully explained. Gully said she “absolutely” discovered ambigrams — words or pictures that look like one thing from one angle and something else from another angle — by accident, when she walked into her office after lunch and there, on the floor, was the Christmas card design she’d been working on that read 'happy holiday.' “When I picked it up and looked at it, it was upside- down,” she said. “I noticed the ‘y’ in ‘happy’ looked like the ‘h’ in ‘holiday.’ Intrigued, Gully manipulated the original design to create the finished product which reads “happy holiday” right-side-up as well as upside-down.

Only about 100 ambigram artists are recognized internationally, according John Langdon, a professor of typography at Drexel University who designed graphics for Hollywood films, including “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons.” Gully is one of them. In fact, her book has been acclaimed internationally, winning the 2015 GOLD Award for Summit International Awards Competition and other awards.

This success, however, has been a long time in coming — more than 20 years in fact. It began in 1994 when, following a “faith awakening,” Gully sat down to create her first ambigram “on purpose” — a Christmas card with images of both Santa and Jesus. “First I started the Santa picture. Since all Santas have a beard, I drew that. When I flipped it upside down, it looked like clouds,” Gully said. “Next, I drew the iconic Santa hat. When that’s turned upside- down, it turns into a medallion. Then I drew the mustache on Santa. In every picture I’ve ever seen of Jesus, his hair is parted down the middle, and that’s what the mustache looked like upside-down. This was the launch-point for the book, but I didn’t know it at the time.” Eventually, Gully began creating note cards, book marks, and other gift items featuring the Santa/Jesus ambigram and other mirror image words. 

Then, in 2006, while having dinner with her friend, Jane Kors, who became the book’s editor, the discussion turned to an expansion of Gully’s work. “I was always a big suppporter of her Santa/Jesus picture,” Kors said. “I just felt that there was much more to offer.” So, there — right on the spot — they developed a plan for a book and Gully starting putting her ideas to paper. “I started drawing on a napkin,” she said. “That picture of stockings hanging on a mantle that I sketched on the napkin became the cover of my book.” Kors said it was “incredible to see her think of objects” that could be drawn as ambigrams for the book and bring them to life so quickly.

Gully, unsure of her abilities, kept the project on the proverbial back-burner until a group of Christian business owners encouraged her to complete it in 2013. Since self-publication in September 2014, Gully has appeared at 35 readings in 24 stores, selling more than 3,800 books. “From a child’s perspective, turning the book upside down is an unexpected moment,” Kors said. “They are quick to figure out that the Christmas tree and ornaments from the first story has become the wisemen in the second story — that the new pictures become a new story.”

During her stop at Taylor Books, Gully will do a live reading, host a question and answer session, give each child a Santa/Jesus card and pass out take-home coloring sheets to help children explore the world of ambigrams and encourage them artistically. “Seeing things upside-down comes naturally to me,” she said. “I don’t know if I use math [in my drawings] or not, but I have the ability to look at something in both directions and find the lowest common denominator. Then I keep tweaking it until it works.” “I want to start getting kids to think about ambigrams,” she said. “It’s has to be good for the brain — any kind of puzzle has to be a healthy exercise.”

Gully plans to publish her second book, “The Other Side of Easter,” by 2017. For more information, visit her website at animotionlogos.com or her Facebook page at facebook.com/TheOtherSideofChristmas. Reach Marta Tankersley Hays at marta.hays@wvgazette.com, 304-348-1249 or follow @MartaRee on Twitter. -
See more at: http://www.wvgazettemail.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20150728/GZ05/150729491/1117#sthash.llJXTOOz.YMF2AUfp.dpuf

Beth Gully celebrates BT Graphics' 25th anniversary. Photo taken in her design studio in Lebanon, Ohio.

June 23, 2015

Award-Winning Graphic Designer Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Lebanon, Ohio - Winner of several international design awards, graphic designer and illustrator, Beth Gully, is celebrating 25 years in business. Her firm, BT Graphics, designed the logos for First National Bank; West Chester, Ohio; Fitton Center for Creative Arts; Voice of America Center; Girdwood Orthodontics; Four Paws Animal Hospital and hundreds of other local and regional businesses and organizations. She is most proud of her first freelance job, designing the Indiana Pacers Basketball Court for the 1990 season.

After working in newspaper design, in an ad agency and in corporate marketing, Gully launched BT Graphics out of a desire to work one-on-one with clients. 

“What has made me successful for 25 years is my design process. I design for function first and then for aesthetics,” said Gully.  “And I enjoy the challenge of seeing the project from the perspective of my clients as well as their target audiences.”

Not only have her logo and publication designs stood the test of time and met her clients’ objectives, they have garnered her a number of national and international design awards as well. Among those awards are multiple International Summit Awards, publication in Logo Lounge books (a collection of the world’s most trend-setting logo designs), and a Gold Addy for her recent book, “The Other Side of Christmas.”

The recognition Gully has gained over the years reflects her desire to intrigue audiences. “I love the aha moment,” she said, “that unique moment when the reader sees the hidden surprise element in my work.” 

Gully’s work as an ambigram artist captivates audiences as well. Her recent book, “The Other Side of Christmas” tells the Christmas story with Santa Claus when the book is read in one direction. Then, when the book is flipped upside down, the same images tell the Christian Christmas story. The book is available in libraries in Southwest Ohio and for sale in bookstores including Joseph Beth Booksellers, Chapters and The Golden Lamb and in area hospital gift shops.  The books, along with other ambigram products Gully designed, are also available online at www.btgraphics.com. Gully is one of only 100 professionally recognized ambigram artists in the world.

BT Graphics is a design firm specializing in the creation of corporate logos and branding and all relevant marketing platforms to carry the brand consistently to the client’s audiences. Founder Beth Gully began BT Graphics in 1990 and over the past 25 years has garnered the respect of fellow designers and clients. BT Graphics is certified by the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) as a woman-owned business. For more information, contact: Beth Gully, 513.282.2652, design@btgraphics.com.




Beth Gully with her new children's book, "The Other Side of Christmas".

Press Release
December 11, 2014

Award-Winning Graphic Designer Publishes Book on "The Other Side of Christmas"
Designer Beth Gully Employs Ambigram Images to Tell the Christmas Story

Beth Gully of Lebanon has always been a doodler and fascinated by lines and shapes. She sees the world in pictures and often imagines them upside down.

Gully is one of about 100 people worldwide who create ambigrams—images and words that retain meaning or illustrate another meaning when inverted. The award-winning graphic artist has taken an eight-year-old doodle of three Christmas stockings and created "The Other Side of Christmas", a 28-page, illustrated children’s book that tells the story of contemporary Christmas activities. When the book is turned upside down and read from the back cover to front, the narrative and images tell the chronological birth of Jesus. It’s a direct transposition of both the secular and sacred stories of Christmas.

In 1994, Gully designed the original inspiration for this book: an ambigram of Santa that depicts the image of Santa Claus one way and Jesus Christ when inverted. She created many ornaments, coasters, magnets and other items with this design.

Fifteen years later, in 2009, her Santa-Jesus design won a Gold Summit International Creative Award. “I never intended to write a book,” said Gully, “I’m an artist and my thought was, ‘can I take this image of Santa-Jesus and turn it into something more?’”

So many good ideas begin on napkins in local restaurants, and "The Other Side of Christmas" was no different. One evening, while out with a friend, Gully sketched the iconic picture of Christmas: three stockings hanging on a mantle. When she turned it upside down, she could see that those same lines now made up the image of three shepherds at Jesus’ manger. The entire process occurred within three or four minutes. Gully knew she couldn’t make a book out of one image, but she was confident more would come. And they did.

Gully presented her Christmas sketches to her Christian business networking group in 2012, and her roundtable peers suggested that her book was divinely inspired. She needed to finish it. Their encouragement, along with friend Jane Kors of West Chester, gave her the confidence to work on the book every day in order to complete it. She brought in Jamie Sherron of Middletown to write the narrative and pull it all together with its rhyming cadence.

The first 1,000 copies of the self-published book sold within the first month. Her reprint of 5,000 copies is finding hundreds of new fans with 3000 now sold with books traveling as far as Japan, Mexico and Jamaica. The book has already garnered a second place award in the Greyden Press 2014 Book Competition, children’s division.

“It’s important to me that children understand what Christmas is really about,” said Gully. “Some families celebrate only the birth of Jesus and others focus only on the gift-giving aspect of the holiday, so I think this book may help them bridge that gap.”

Books are for sale locally for $12.95 at twenty-one shops from Memphis, TN to Columbus, OH. Stores include, but are not limited to: Booksellers on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati and Memphis; The Blue Marble in Ft. Thomas, Ky; Joseph-Beth Book Sellers in Rookwood, Crestview Springs, and Christ Hospital; Good Samaritan and Bethesda North Hospital Gift Shops; Book Bums in West Chester, The Catholic Store in Madeira; The Golden Lamb Gift Shop in Lebanon; Inner Blessings in Cheviot; St. Marks Books in Centerville; Veritas Books in Kettering; and The Book Loft in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Books are also available on-line at www.animotionlogos.com. Gully’s day job is creating corporate logos for BT Graphics, the design business she owns.

Gully estimates she has designed more than 400 corporate, retail, and nonprofit organization logos over the past 30 years in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Greater Cincinnati and Dayton. “When I design a logo, I bring it down to the lowest common denominator, so every line and shape has a purpose, which is why creating ambigrams feels so right to me,” she said. “I’m fascinated by lines and how they interconnect and the possibilities of what can be seen and manipulated.” For more information or to purchase her book and other ambigram items, go to www.animotionlogos.com.

Greyden Press Children's Book 2nd Place

Lebanon Author Wins Greyden Press 2014 Award for Children’s Book "The Other Side of Christmas"

December 2014

Beth Gully, a hometown Lebanon designer and ambigram artist has garnered her first award for her children's Christmas picture book "The Other Side of Christmas". Released just over two months ago, and distributed from Santa’s workshop on Mound Street - Beth has sold almost three thousand books so far!

“The Other Side of Christmas” is available both online and in 19 specialty shops from Ft. Thomas, KY to Columbus, OH.  Sales continue to grow as briskly as the cold winter wind, signaling that Christmas is just around the corner. “The book presents an excellent opportunity to start a new Christmas tradition with young children,” says author Beth Gully.

This October, Greyden Press of Dayton released the winners of their 2014 Book Competition. Awarding four categories including Children's books, “The Other Side of Christmas” took 2nd Place, winning a website for the book and a personalized critique with recommendations for next steps. Dayton Young, author of "The House on Haunted Hollow", took the Grand Prize for this category. 

“The Other Side of Christmas” is available at 19 locations including: The Golden Lamb Gift Shop (Lebanon), Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Rookwood), Book Bums (West Chester), St Marks Books (Centerville), Veritas Catholic Books (Kettering), Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan and Bethesda North Hospital Gift Shops (Cincinnati), Inner Blessings Christian Book Store (Cheviot), The Blue Marble (Northern Kentucky), Booksellers (Downtown on Fountain Square, and Memphis, TN) and The Book Loft (Downtown Columbus).

For more information visit www.TheOtherSideofChristmas.com