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We're different 

Not all designers
are the same.

Incorporating a proven, methodical process assures the final designs will meet your objectives and captivate your target audience.

Beth Gully
BT Graphics

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Award-winning designer Beth Gully with 1st National Bank Logo

Marketing Materials

Our business materials are designed to bring results. 

Beth delivers results that meet your strategic objectives:
  •  corporate brochures or display exhibits to engage new customers
  •  annual reports that properly inform stakeholders of earnings
        and success stories
  •  building and capital campaign packets that engage givers
  •  event invitations that encourage and entice regional leaders

Beth has an ability to target directly to your end user to meet them where they are, regardless of all the clutter and competition around them.

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Beth's corporate experience gives her insight for how to best approach design objectives for her business clients. Blending a critical mind for meeting the project goals of clients with the creative eye to offer refreshing solutions became Beth's advantage. Beth understands that purpose and function absolutely come first. Then, making it captivating and creative follows suit. 

Her customers range from large corporations to small retail shops, and from non-profit organizations to governments. Beth works at your pace - whether it's a quick turn-around or with a delayed approval process. She will explain everything along the way to assure the client is satisfied and comfortable throughout the process.